custom build price comparison

Name Brand Computer Custom Built Computer
Windows 7 x64 Home Windows 7 x64 Ultimate
Intel Gen 3 i7 3.5MHz Intel Gen 3 i7 3.7GHz
8GB DDR3 1333 MHz Ram 16GB DDR3 2133 MHz Ram
1TB 7200 RPM Hard Drive 256GB SSD + 1TB Storage
1GB Integrated Video, HDMI, DVI 2GB Nvidia Video, HDMI, DVI
12x BluRay Player, DVD Burner 15x BluRay Player & Burner
15 in 1 Media Card Reader 40 in 1 Media Card Reader
USB Mouse & Keyboard Wireless Mouse & Keyboard
23" LED Monitor 27" LED HD Monitor
Norton Internet Security - 15 months Avast Internet Security
Norton 360 3.0 Anti-Virus Avast Anti-Virus
1 year limited warranty 1 year limited warranty
Total Cost = $1567.87 Total Cost = $1439.98

The two machines listed are higher end PC's but not quite high end gaming PC's. The higher end you go, the higher the cost will be, but with a custom build, the higher up you go, the more you will save. Total cost of custom built computer does not include assembly fee. Costs of individual PC components are subject to change & availability.

Custom Build Samples