frequently asked questions

What is the normal turn around time for computer repair?

Depending on your situation, times can range from a couple of hours up to a few days if I do not have the required parts in stock. Once I have the parts, 24 hours is a good estimate of return time.

Do you work on laptops?

Yes, I can repair software and upgrade hardware on various models of laptop computers.

I found out that I have a really bad virus on my machine and was told that it has physically damaged my hard drive, it this possible?

No, computer viruses cannot physically damage your computer.

Do you make house-calls or do pick up and delivery computers?

Yes, we provide both services. We will pick up your computer from your home or business for a small non-refundable fee. If you would like your computer worked on at the site, an hourly fee will be applied.

How do you offer computer repair for substantially less than your competition?

Simply because I love what I do. This isn't a job for me. I do this because I am passionate and computers have always been a hobby of mine. I don't believe in trying to rip someone off to make money and sell them parts or services that they don't need.

Can you teach me how to use Microsoft Word?

At this time, no we do not offer any sort of software training. However, I can provide you with information either on or offline to get you the necessary training that you require.

Can you show me how to back-up my data?

Yes. I can show you the best way to archive your data and prevent loss incase of a power surge or virus attack.

Can you repair my MAC?

At this time, we only offer virus removal, operating system and other various software upgrades. No hardware replacement or hardware upgrades are performed on MAC's at this time.

I have a computer related business, do you exchange links or do affiliate partnerships?

This is something we are currently looking into. Please contact us for more information on this subject. 

Do you charge hourly? What is the minimum charge for service?

Yes, we charge an hourly rate for on-site services and have a 1 hour minimum per service. If you have our technicians diagnose your problem and decide to let Stephenville Computer repair your computer, we will waive the $25 diagnostics fee. Discounts are available for all TSU students with photo ID and our website will occasionally have discount coupons available.